You’re wound up and worn down. You’ve forgotten where your obligations end and you begin. You need a break, but you’re not going to end up on a beach in the Caribbean any time soon (you haven’t even been to a movie in forever). Escapism isn’t even what you need; you actually want to be more present with yourself.

You might also be suffering physically. Pain, an injury, or other discomfort is making you feel like your body is falling apart—like you’re getting old. You’ve tried ignoring it, but it hasn’t gone away (if only you could learn that magic trick!). You need to do something.


We’ll talk before and after your treatment, but you may enjoy silence during—or you may want to discuss issues as they come up. Either way,  I make sure that we’re in communication, that I follow your body’s signals, and that your boundaries (and modesty) are respected.

After a massage, you’ll feel more connected to your body. Your nervous system will down-regulate and you’ll feel a reduction in stress. Massage can become something you use to take care of yourself before you crash, instead of after. If you have pain, you’ll learn ways to manage it and your body will start to feel better.


I work at Kars Massage Therapy in rural Ottawa south. Kars Massage Therapy is a clinical practice in a spa-like setting—so not only is it an incredibly cozy space where you can lay your troubles down a while, it’s also a place where evidence-based approaches are used to manage stress, pain, and injury.

As a registered massage therapist, I treat a wide variety of conditions, also drawing on my training in acupressure, Chinese medicine, and yoga. During a massage session you get to decide what feels good—whether that’s a vigorous, deep, or gentle massage.




1/2 hour 

45 minutes 

1 hour .

75 minutes 

1 1/2 hours

2 hours.









Note: Prices include HST. Registered Massage Therapy is not covered by OHIP, but is usually covered by individual health plans.



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