Introduction to Meditation-Online Class


Registration will open later in 2018


Newsfeed full of posts about yoga, mindfulness and meditation? 

It's not just you...Suddenly everyone seems to be talking about this stuff!

Life moves fast, and we're all working hard to keep up. As a massage therapist and yoga/meditation teacher I hear your stories of stress and overwhelm almost every day. I feel it too. I've found that a straightforward approach to mindfulness meditation, applied daily (or nearly daily) is a concrete way I can support my mental and emotional health.

I like to call it mental flossing.

We make time for physical hygiene right? On a practical level mindfulness practice is a way we can incorporate mental healthcare into our routine.

This course is designed for absolute beginners and those who would like to go deeper...

Whether you're brand new or you've meditated before, this class is for you. You'll have the chance to practice in a supportive setting with other people and maybe you'll even learn something new to enhance your practice.  

Let's address a common concern right off the bat: Meditation does not,  I repeat DOES NOT require you to stop thinking. That's just not going to happen! Instead, we'll learn practical tools to help navigate the thoughts, feelings and sensations that always seem to be tumbling around in our mind and body. By allowing the busy mind to gradually settle and gain some focus, we create the conditions for a more resilient and wakeful experience of life. We gradually become less reactive and more tolerant... I believe this is needed in today's world.

Maybe you've been meaning to try meditation for a while?

Ideally, this class will help you implement a daily mindfulness practice that makes sense for your life. Meditation is not a trend, nor is it a cure-all. Each person's experience of mindfulness will be unique. Let's dive in and see how this works for you!

I teach in an informal but focused way, approach ing the material with a sense of humour and a sense of group connection because I believe we all have a lot to learn from each other.

What's included?

This course consists of four 90-minute sessions. I'll introduce the key ideas for each class,  there will be time for questions & group discussion and of course time to practice meditation together!

You will have a chance to sign up for a 15 minute Skype or call with me through the course to discuss how you're practice is going.

You will receive a resource package at the beginning of the course and throughout I will send occasional recordings for guided meditation practice at home as well as curated resources I have found interesting and useful.

Here's what one student says:
“This class has really opened something up for me, in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It’s shifted my perspective and daily experience in both subtle and more obvious ways. Annie's style of teaching is quietly revolutionary, so helpful, nonjudgmental yet rigorous, specific, and profound.”
-Bethany Gibson


The details: 

This class will be held on four Tuesday evenings from 7PM-830PM. 

Spring 2018 dates will be announced in January.

Our meetings will be recorded in case you miss the time, but attending live is highly recommended so you can participate in group discussions and feel like you're part of the class!

You will need a high-speed internet connection, a computer or device that can connect with Zoom software, a quiet space and a set of headphones.



If you would like to take one of these courses but finances are the limiting factor just email me and let me know what you can afford right now. Reduced fee spaces and payment plans are always available, no questions asked!


About Annie

I’m a registered massage therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, anatomy geek, mother of two, wife, semi-recovered save-the-world type, keeper of a messy kitchen and a tiny, beautiful yoga studio just south of Ottawa. I've been a student and teacher of yoga for over 16 years and my students tell me I'm funny, caring and easy to connect with. 

I'm a long-term student of Michael Stone who mentors me in meditation, yoga and the interface between inner transformation and social awakening. I'm also a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects, as taught by Joanna Macy and I weave these depth practices into my classes and retreats. 

Sometimes life can be really hard, for all of us. I believe that magic happens when we join forces and learn new ways to care for ourselves and each other. Creating space for this kind of connection is what I do.

Read more about me here.