You probably have a life that is busy and messy, in other words typically modern. You might’ve tried to wedge meditation into your life before, but it felt the same as when you started a new fitness routine, which is to say that you started strong, then crashed and burned and nothing much changed. You’re probably also pretty hard on yourself about it.

Or, maybe you’re a complete beginner and curious as to how you could fit a meditation practice into your life because you know about its many benefits—including helping us learn how to sit with ourselves and whatever comes up, to develop more focus and awareness, and to notice what’s going on in our hot little heads so we can create the space needed to cool down and become less reactive. 

You may also be struggling with fear and anxiety about the state of our environment, culture, and the political landscape. Maybe you feel heavily weighed down by life, but want to stay present and awake anyway.

Whatever the case you’re open-minded and into a non-dogmatic approach to mindfulness, meditation, and life in general.


I offer peer support for meditation online, creating a zero anxiety, zero hustle space where you’re invited to experiment with a meditation practice that actually makes sense in your life. Our sessions will be relaxed and conversational, but focused. In other words, we may laugh and chat and feel like we’re having a visit, but I’ll take responsibility for making sure we address the hoped for outcomes so things are never wishy-washy.

As always, my teaching style is accessible, straightforward, and fun—with a feminist bent and from a non-dogmatic Buddhist perspective. One-on-one work is largely how I learned to meditate, so I know firsthand that a direct relationship with someone who cares about the subject and cares about you can accelerate the learning process.

During our initial session I’ll get to know you and ask questions about your practice. You can be totally honest about the obstacles you face and what stops you from engaging in meditation. I’ll be really honest too and tell you that I’ve been meditating for a long time and still find it super hard. I fall off the wagon and have a ton of resistance at times, which is part of what qualifies me to work with you (it takes one to know one).

We’ll approach meditation in a humane way. In a way that isn’t punitive or ascetic and avoids dovetailing with any never-good-enough tendencies you might have. We’ll also debunk popular ideas about what meditation should look like. Spoiler alert: I couldn't care less if you sit in a traditional way. I’d rather you sit in a way that works for your body and doesn’t cause any pain. You’ll also be relieved to know that you don’t need a Pinterest-worthy, austere space with shades of Asian exoticism and expensive incense to do meditation right.

We’ll connect at the actual crossroads of your big, busy life in a come-as-you-are way. We’ll explore what it means to be awake at a time when it might feel more logical to tune out, given life’s various shitshows. There’s not an official truth that staying present is the right choice, but I believe it helps us stay human. So, we’ll look at your life, personality, and circumstances and co-create a sustainable approach to meditation and mindfulness that works for you exactly where you’re at. Plus, I’ll help you follow through.


Sessions are 45 minutes long and offered on a sliding scale basis, with three price options offered: $25, $50 or $75 CAD

I understand that it's not always clear where we fall on a sliding scale. Even those of us who have our basic needs met can sometimes feel like money is tight. Here's a helpful article by Worts & Cunning about sliding scale pricing and how it works. It nicely articulates the difference between an expense being a sacrifice (requiring us to give up a meal out or new clothing) versus a hardship (requiring that we risk basic needs such as food or rent). If having a session together worsened a lived sense of hardship then it would be very reasonable to pay on the lower end of the sliding scale. Ultimately it's up to each of us to honestly assess where we're at. If you're not sure how this works, please take a moment and read the article. We can also have a conversation about it, please reach out via email (button below).

I love the way a sliding scale creates the conditions for wakefulness and presence. Kind of like meditation practice... Hmmmm, interesting.

Timing wise,  three or four sessions not too far apart is often an ideal way to start, with follow-up sessions scheduled as needed.


Click the button below to schedule your first session. Your confirmation email will have a link to easily select your sliding scale payment option.

Note: Summer hours are currently in effect, with limited space each week. Fall will bring increased opportunities for us to meet!

Note sure if this is exactly what you need, or simply have a few questions? Click here to get in touch so I can answer any questions you might have.