We're in this together

In September I'm going away for a whole week to train with a teacher who's inspired me for nearly twenty years. I have no doubts about going, but I am pretty nervous. 

On a practical level, I have a full-on home life... It's going to take some work for things to run smoothly while I'm gone, even if I am married to a domestic wizard and have family nearby to help.

Financially, it's a stretch for me to travel to the US, pay for my course and lodging and take the week off work. I'm self-employed, have two kids and am the proud owner of a big, old century home. Meaning to say, there are lots of places the money could go instead of this trip.

Most of all, I have NO IDEA what I'm getting into. I mean, I've read this woman's books and heard her speak. I know what the course is about, obviously. But really, this trip represents a deep dive into the unknown for me. Joanna Macy teaches depth work that supports the rebuilding of connections; with ourselves, with each other and with the natural world that is suffering so greatly at this time in history.

Not exactly a walk in the park.

So why am I sharing all this with you? 

Originally I was just going to send out a short note reminding you that early registration pricing for my fall women's retreat will end on August 20th. I struggle with those kinds of emails because I never, EVER, want you to feel like I'm trying to sell you on something.

Then, it occurred to me that we might be in the same boat... If you've been considering coming on retreat this fall, or taking any adventure into the unknown for that matter, we may be going through something similar.

Going away on retreat is a big deal. It's a major investment of time and money and it often feels like you're stretching outside your emotional comfort zone. The truth is, it's NOT always the right time, which explains why I've been waiting for my chance to study with Joanna Macy for years.

Of course I'm not trying to sell this retreat...

I'm inviting you.

It's either your time or it's not. I'll offer other retreats, and so will lots of other teachers. The question is, do you feel called to make this particular commitment to yourself and your life this fall. There's no shame if the answer is no. I'm just asking you to pay attention if it feels like yes.

Here's where you can learn more or register. 
If you want to talk over your questions via email or phone please respond to this email and we'll make time.

I'll leave you with the beautiful teacher Joanna Macy being interviewed on my favourite podcast, On Being.

She's 86 years old and seems to have lived several lifetimes already. She is beyond inspiring and I can't wait to see how this time with her shapes my ideas and teaching once I'm back.

Enjoy the rest of this summer, 


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