Friday Nights at the Tiny Studio

A Restorative Series


I offer a variety of retreats where we can explore a deeper practice than a regular yoga class might allow but if a whole day or weekend away seems out of reach, maybe a couple of hours on a Friday night would be easier to manage.

I don’t know about you, but many a Friday evening I’m completely worn-out and ready for pajamas. Instead of flopping on the couch, why not come over to my Tiny Studio for an extended session of deeply restorative yoga.

You’ll arrive to a warm, softly lit room with bolsters, blankets and eye pillows set up just for you. For two luxurious hours you can set aside the stresses of the week and settle deeply into a state of quiet relaxation while I guide you through a practice that’s designed to nourish and support your body and calm your nervous system.

I often hear how hard it is for people to let go and relax...

Sound familiar?

Many of us, myself included, have busy lives and a ton on our minds. It’s normal to get stuck in our thoughts and feelings. Given a little time and the right setting though, even the most hectic mind can begin to slow down.

These sessions are the perfect chance to give it a try.

Fridays | 730PM-930PM

Sept 29

Oct 27

Dec 8

Location: The Tiny Studio in Kars (rural Ottawa South)
Cost: $35 per class or $90 for all three classes

from 35.00
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About Annie

I’m a registered massage therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, anatomy geek, mother of two, wife, semi-recovered save-the-world type, keeper of a messy kitchen and a tiny, beautiful yoga studio just south of Ottawa. I've been a student and teacher of yoga for over 16 years and my students tell me I am funny, caring and easy to connect with. 

Sometimes life can be really hard, for all of us. I believe that magic happens when we join forces and learn new ways to care for ourselves and each other. Creating space for this kind of connection is what I do.