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Hi, I'm Annie Bray. I’m a registered massage therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, anatomy geek, mother of two, wife, semi-recovered save-the-world type, keeper of a messy kitchen and a tiny, beautiful yoga studio in rural Ottawa south. 

It’s hard to heal all on our own. I believe that magic happens when we join forces to learn new ways to care for ourselves and each other. Creating space for that kind of connection is what I do. 

There are three different ways we can work together—and I’m not talking about hotly pursuing bliss in some wholesome situation while doing a 28-day wheat grass cleanse.

I mean come-as-you-are (even if you’re in weird track pants and have experience or not) time to breathe, move, rest, and connect.

Sounds kind of nice, right?


Please click on any of the buttons below to learn more. 

Registered massage therapy

Connect to your body, reduce stress, manage pain, and begin to heal.

Yoga & meditation classes

Receive personalized attention to individual needs in all-levels yoga, therapeutic movement & meditation classes.


Carve out the time you crave and move deeply into the layers of your life, body, and moment-to-moment experience.